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I am a Melbourne based photographer working with both traditional and analog processes to create fine art images.


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  1. Hi, Paul – I found your page, reading Trudi Canavans THIF’S MAGIC BOOK ONE in German, when I looked for the author’s portrait photographer. The very small pic impressed me like the book itself did. And your homepage I found very impressive and instructive. Thanks a lot for that!

  2. Hello Paul: I came across your site and wonder if you know where I can obtain a piece of ground glass for a Thornton Pickard Imperial circa 1910 wooden plate camera.

    Regards, Gordon Crabtree Moffat Beach Qld

  3. Hi Gordon, eBay is your best bet although the sellers will probably be in China or the USA. Just search for “ground glass” in the cameras section. You will probably need to contact the seller directly to get a custom piece made as the ground glass is often a bit bigger than the film format size and the amount varies from camera to camera.

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