Getting closer

Well, we’re a month out from our final folio presentation and I’m sort of on track. The artist’s statement still isn’t finalised and I’m still shooting people as often as I can schedule them but I now have a small pool of pictures that might be good enough for the final cut. I’m getting better at judging the degree of blur I want but it is still hard to judge in the viewfinder so I’m bracketing madly as I go. Thank goodness for the patience of my models. There is still some debate about how large I should be printing and what the correct viewing distance will be (which will affect where in the gallery they are displayed). Fortunately the latest thinking has scaled back from a wallet bursting life-size (around $200 for a 180cm long print) to maybe A2 which I can manage on my own printer.

I’ve now got a second option for KRin

Two of Alison and Ashleigh

And three to choose from for Michael and Karen. I hope to be able to use the last two as a facing pair, either framed as a diptych or separately.

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