Learning to love the artist’s statement

We are getting rapidly closer to the end of the semester and the end of the course and the number of different things to think about is multiplying. We’ve just had a mini review of where everyone is up to and this included a draft artist’s statement. The purpose of the statement is to help people understand what our work is all about while still leaving room for people to make their own connections. I had expected this to be really difficult, but in fact it came together quickly and relatively painlessly. Naturally the first few drafts aren’t quite there yet as there is a lot of editing and finessing to get it just right. The thing that surprised me is how helpful it was to have to write one. Because I was spending time thinking about how to describe my work I naturally ended up thinking more about the work itself so the whole process helped to clarify exactly what I was doing and why.

The other part of the review was looking at new work. In the intervening couple of months we had moved house and are just about to put the old house on the market so there hasn’t been much time for actual photography. A quick shout out got help from friends and three shoots were done in a couple of days.

Thanks to KRin:

and Marina:

and lastly Jane:

Its a funny thing when you look at a photo and know that it hasn’t worked, but nevertheless still love it and that’s what has happened here. I really like the results, but they mostly aren’t quite right for what I’m doing. The general consensus was that if my idea is to push the boundaries of portraiture then I really need to go to the limits and not play it too safe. The first shot of KRin was judged to be the most successful in this regard. They also reiterated the need to respect the other conventions of portraiture in terms of posing, lighting and dress. So my next step will be some very formal portraits and also some couples or family groups. Time to step the glamour up a bit (and reduce the focus even further).

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