More studio assignments

The last two assignments for the studio class ran concurrently and I ended up shooting both at home in my little garage-studio. The first assignment was to shoot a reflective object which is pretty much the hardest thing to do in product photography. First attempts were basically worst-case scenarios with spherical chrome parts that reflected absolutely everything around them. No matter where you put the light it would show up, so the best option is to take two sots and move the lights between and then merge the two shots in photoshops. I gave that up and found a flatter object, a nice big kitchen knife. Even then I was using three lights by the time I had illuminated the blade, picked out both edges and put a coloured spot on the background. This is maddening, but also a fun kind of challenge. Best of all there is little stress because products don’t get tired and ask when you will be done.


The other assignment was to shoot a cover for a book titled “The Big Chill” – not specifically related to the movie of the same name thank goodness. I decided to go down the crime novel route – no doubt channelling “The Big Sleep” – and opted to freeze a toy gun into a block of ice. A bit of blue light on the back and I was done. Sometimes the preparation is the most important part.


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