Folio part 1

Now that I am in fourth year we have finally started to specialise and I have (perhaps foolishly) chosen the Art major. This was always my intention since I have no desire to be a commercial photographer and even less for photojournalism. However coming from a technical background I have difficulty engaging with all aspects of the art world with an open mind. Two of the three artists we have met so far just left me shaking my head and I’m sure there is more of that to come. Anyway our first exercise was one of introspection to find what it that we felt most strongly about since that would be the obvious subject for our folio. For me it was the fairly broad topic of “people” so my initial attempts to narrow the focus a little have centred around the concept of “identity”.

At this point we are supposed to be in an experimental phase were we just make a lot of stuff and see what sticks. My first thought was to try and document all of the different identities we show to the world. I used the alway available test subject (i.e. me) to produce these:




Which show the regular me, the ANZ Bank me, the teenage football fan me and the car enthusiast me. It wasn’t too hard to come up with another half-dozen identities that all represented “me” at some point in my life to one group or other. These are just test shots and I don’t actually want it to be about me at all, I’d rather delve into other people’s identities. Current thoughts on displaying all of these aspects are that I might print them on transparent plastic and overlay them to show the composite nature of our identities. Or something like that.

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