Hollywood lighting

One of the things I really enjoy about studying at PSC is the studio sessions. They are really full on and stressful while you are there but the lecturers take the time to put you on the right track and don’t leave you hanging wondering you have got things right. By the end of the session I can normally go home satisfied that the assignment is finished. Our first two studio sessions were spent on an exercise – replicating an advertising shot – and an assignment – replicating 1940’s Hollywood lighting. The exercise is challenging but not inspiring since you are often shooting product or food. The assignment though was great since it involved portraiture which I really love. The Hollywood lighting is hard and dramatic and took a bit to get right. Here is my shooting partner Tim doing his best Humphrey Bogart impression: _K3_1252 as Smart Object-1 The reality may be a long way from the original but the lighting is the same and that is what matters.

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