Semester 6 Folios

These are the folios for the second semester of third year, which is our last general year. Next year I have applied to go into the art major which is where my heart really lies. The first folio was loosely tied to the theme of “metaphors”. My original metaphor was “outside the box” and involved a square format and some unseen action that was implied by what was shown within the frame. I also wanted to try using very asymmetric proportions, more like 90:10 than the usual 60:40 or 33:33:33 (rule of thirds). This one was going nowhere until we went over to the UK for three weeks and I got some inspiration from the view out of the Turner Contemporary gallery in Margate. That lead to many more seascapes and finally a few mornings shooting along the foreshore at Brighton. I managed to retain the square format and the asymmetric proportions but the action part disappeared and the metaphor changed to “plain sailing” since the whole exercise was anything but.

The second folio was an open brief, and my first idea for that bit the dust fairly quickly. Writers are often advised to write about what they know, so I decided to shoot what I know and chose my fellow photographers. A series of portraits of photographers sounded a little dull so to give it a twist I decided to try and shoot it in their style or utilising their subject matter. This worked really well for some, while others took a little more thinking. It was a very interesting exercise and I think I learned a lot from it. All of the subjects seemed to enjoy the process and have been happy with the results.

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